Our Team

Beauty Consultant
Amy SteerBeauty Consultant

Name – Amy Steer

Job Title – Beauty Consultant

Time At PHAB – Since February 2012

Hobbies – Cooking, shopping, socialising, gardening

5 Words To Describe You – Diligent, organised, bubbly, friendly, ambitious

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Anastasia

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Everything happens for a reason”

Secret Skill – Persuasion

Biggest Fear – Heights

Celebrity Crush – Peter Andre

Favourite Food – Fajitas or curry

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Gel FX

Customer Service Advisor
Bella NorthoverCustomer Service Advisor

Name – Bella Northover

Job Title – Customer Service Advisor

Time at PHAB – Since October 2016

Hobbies – Drawing, Sport

5 Words To Describe You – Funny

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Honey G

Favourite Word/Phrase – Yeah Boy

Secret Skill – Rapping

Biggest Fear – Feet

Celebrity Crush – Simon Cowell

Favourite Food – Chicken Nuggets, Salmon, Watermelon

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioner

Customer Service Advisor
Chloe MardonCustomer Service Advisor

Name – Chloe Mardon

Job Title – Customer Service Advisor

Time at PHAB – Since September 2015

Hobbies – Retail, Socializing and Fitness

5 Words To Describe You – Bubbly, Chatty, Friendly, Outgoing and Punctual

Celebrity Look-A-Like -Ellie Golding (apparently)

Favourite Word/Phrase – What you having for tea tonight ?

Secret Skill – Making everyone feel old

Biggest Fear – Spiders

Celebrity Crush – David Beckham

Favourite Food – Just Food !

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Keratin Complex Infusion

Sales Manager & Furniture Specialist
Fiona WrattenSales Manager & Furniture Specialist

Name – Fiona Wratten

Job Title – Sales Manager & Furniture Specialist

Time at PHAB – September 2014

Hobbies – Cricket, Reading, Family, Days out

5 Words To Describe You – Fun, Hardworking, Humerous, Punctual, Caring

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Cheryl Cole

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Really”

Secret Skill – Cooking (because I dont do it very often)

Biggest Fear – Spiders, Snakes, Anything that crawls!

Celebrity Crush –

Favourite Food – Roast Lamb

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – No Inhibitions (It smells lovely!)

Sales Representative
Grant FisherSales Representative

Name – Grant Fisher

Job Title – Sales Representative – Torquay, Exeter and North Devon

Time at PHAB – June 2017

Hobbies – Playing Football & spending time with my son

5 Words To Describe You – Banter, Smiley, Hard Working, Ambitious, Driven

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Gordon Ramsey

Favourite Word/Phrase – Naaaaaa

Secret Skill – Magician

Biggest Fear – Heights

Celebrity Crush – Nicole Scherzinger

Favourite Food – Burger or Steak

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Reuzel

Grant NorthoverDirector

Name – Grant Northover

Job Title – Director

Time at PHAB – Since 1999

Hobbies – All things sport

5 Words To Describe You – Calm, committed, resiliant, focused, overweight

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Neil Ruddock

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Thats amazing”

Secret Skill – Football Trivia

Biggest Fear – Failure

Celebrity Crush – Sophie Anderton

Favourite Food – Chinese

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Men-U Moisturiser

Customer Assistant
Jasmine TomsCustomer Assistant

Name – Jasmine Toms

Job Title – Customer Assistant

Time at PHAB – Since October 2017

Hobbies – Spending time with family and friends

5 Words To Describe You – Chatty, fun, friendly, committed, thoughtful

Favourite Word/Phrase – “it will be ok!”

Secret Skill – Flexible

Biggest Fear – Rats

Celebrity Crush – Gino D’Acampo

Favourite Food – Mexican

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Incredible Milk

Education Co-Ordinator & Social Media
Jodi ParryEducation Co-Ordinator & Social Media

Name – Jodi Parry

Job Title – Education Coordinator & Social Media

Time at PHAB – Since April 2017

Hobbies – Anything that is Exciting

5 Words To Describe You – Fun, Friendly

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Adele

Favourite Word/Phrase – I dont believe it

Secret Skill – Cooking

Biggest Fear – Flying

Celebrity Crush – Mark Wahlberg

Favourite Food – Pizza

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Milk_Shake

Assistant Manager
Lawrence GreenwayAssistant Manager

Name – Lawrence Greenway

Job Title – Assistant Manager

Time at PHAB – 4 days (Second Stint)

Hobbies – Cricket, going to the gym

5 Words to Describe You – Sporty, witty, sarcastic, funny, slow

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Gary Barlow (if you squint)

Favourite Word/Phrase – What a time to be alive

Secret Skill – Putting my feet in my mouth (literally)

Biggest Fear – Heights & Going Bald

Celebrity Crush – Nicole Sherzinger

Favourite Food – Steak

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Reuzel Fibre Pomade


Mark ColesAccounts

Name – Mark Coles

Job Title – Accounts

Time at PHAB – Since March 2016

Hobbies – Golf, Travelling, Shopping and Skiing

5 Words To Describe You – Outgoing, Funny, Conscientious, Reliable and Honest

Celebrity Look-A-Like – James Corden

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Crack On”

Secret Skill – FIFA

Biggest Fear – Snakes

Celebrity Crush – Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Food – Steak

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Unite

Delivery Driver
Mike SuttonDelivery Driver

Name – Mike Sutton

Job Title – Delivery Driver

Time at PHAB – Since February 2015

Hobbies – Fishing

5 Words To Describe You – Flexible & Reliable

Celebrity Look-A-Like – David Essex

Favourite Word/Phrase – Get In

Secret Skill – Calm

Biggest Fear – Bees

Celebrity Crush – Amanda Holden

Favourite Food – Chicken

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Comb

Delivery Driver
Nick FennerDelivery Driver

Name – Nick Fenner

Job Title – Delivery Driver

Time At PHAB – Since March 2012

Hobbies – Clay shooting, snooker, watching all sport particularly rugby union (Exeter Chiefs)

5 Words To Describe You – Tall, dark, handsome, ok ok but the tall is right! Tall, bald, slim, old, grey

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Patrick Stewart

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Hello, hello, hello” or “evening all”

Secret Skill – Marksman/sniper – good if you want somebody bumped off

Biggest Fear – Not winning the Euro lottery

Celebrity Crush – Olivia Newton John

Favourite Food – Italian

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Head and Shoulders (no hair, just head and shoulders!)

Assistant Manager
Simon DandoAssistant Manager

Name – Simon Dando

Job Title – Assistant Manager

Time At PHAB – Since June 2006

Hobbies – Cooking, walking, taxi service

5 Words To Describe You – Bald, punctual, listener, humorous, no memory

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Homer Simpson

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Going to check on my car”

Secret Skill – Able to wiggle my ears

Biggest Fear – Eating healthy food

Celebrity Crush – Micheala Strachan

Favourite Food – Curry

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Mr Sheen polish

Credit Controller
Sophie BathoCredit Controller

Name – Sophie Batho

Job Title – Credit Controller

Time at PHAB – Since September 2017

Hobbies – Volleyball, watching Exeter Chiefs, going to the gym, watching movies

5 Words To Describe You – Sporty, Happy, Friendly

Celebrity Look-A-Like – Jennifer Lawrence (I wish)

Favourite Word/Phrase – “Just popping to the loo”

Secret Skill – Baking

Biggest Fear – Eyes

Celebrity Crush – Michele Campagnaro

Favourite Food – Chocolate

Favourite Hair/Beauty Product – Milkshake