Voila – The color of beauty

Revlon Professional is the leading brand in the hairdressing market. Due to our very wide selection of products and quality range brands, top stylists and hairdressers have placed their confidence and trust in us. We are dedicated to those who share the desire with us to reveal the beauty of each woman.

We are joined by the passion for fashion, the search for perfection and the thriving for progress. We provide you with the most innovative technical products for you to develop your creativity. Together, we achieve the results that best suit the personality of each person and their personal style.

Inspired by women’s needs, we provide a complete specialized range of products designed to meet the characteristics of each type of hair. Each woman is a world unto herself and our philosophy is to provide, by means of expert criteria, a specific treatment to make her beauty stand out. Beauty that makes her unique.

We fully believe in technology. We continually renew our formulas and update our resources in keeping with the progress of science at the same rhythm.
We provide new solutions to achieve the benefits that continue surprising thousands of women.

The result; healthy hair, full of vitality that has placed Revlon Professional as the brand of reference at international hairdressers and beauty salons.
For almost a century, the Revlon Professional brand has gained the trust of those who choose quality to improve, innovation to be up to date, and aesthetics to achieve perfection.

Our Voila Products