The Knot Dr

The Knot Dr


The Knot Dr is the latest innovation in knotectomy (the removal of knots)

John Laverock (creator of the brush) has two young daughters who swim and play sports, knots are a common theme in their household, so he wanted to invent something that would make for a ‘peaceful’ life.

From behind the chair much time can be waisted trying to get the knots out, The Knot Dr will not only save time but allow for a gentler and ‘pain free’ experience.

The Knot Dr brushes have been created with ‘soft bristle technology’ their design has been scientifically researched to technically understand the detangling process. This has led to the development of the perfect bristle strength, size and length to detect resistance from the hair (knots) and gently flex to release the hair and eliminate pain or breakage.

The leading Pro brush contains 212 Flexalite bristles (bristles with memory) that are double dipped to ensure comfort to the scalp while brushing the hair. If that wasn’t enough, The Knot Dr also developed the PHD brush range for professional use, PHD have stronger bristles so that stylists can use them again and again without failure.

Like to take your brushes on the move? PHD Kits and the Pro Swim/Sport each come with an EVA constructed head case to protect the brush in transit!

Products are now available exclusively from Phab Wholesale.