Revlon Hair Colour

A formula that is successfully present in the market for more than 30 years. The innovation of Voila is Natasphere 4 and it is based on the new technology of Micronization of actives that transform into micro spheres to intensify the action of colour and treatment.

Voila Creme Natasphere-4 is the permanent colour for professional use, with long lasting results and a visible cosmetic action, thanks to the four principle actives of Natasphere-4 that guarantee a better colour penetration and a more luminous and intense colour.

Energizing Action  РThanks to the marine glycogen

Anti Free Radical Action – for a soothing and photo protective effect, for a defensive effect and anti-freeradical/anti-oxidant effect.

Restoring Action – Thanks to the 8 water soluble vitamins of the B group that allow absorption and metabolism of iron, zinc, copper and sulphur.

Hydrating & Reinforcing Action – Thanks to oligo elements, minerals, amino acids, gemini lipids that hydrate and reinforce the hair.

Nutrilux Colour РAn innovative formula containing Macadamia Oil to add natural results to the performance of colour. Nutriliux colours are ammonia and PPD free. A new generation of colour designed to meet the new demands of a market that demands high performance, for effective, cosmetic, sophisticated and natural results.

Young Colour Excel – A perfect balance, a unique combination to achieve radiant colours in healthy and cared-for-hair. Young Colour Excel, more than a simple tone on tone. Ideal for women looking to bring out their natural colour without noticeable changes. Perfect for those who want to maintain the natural shine and softness of their hair. Long lasting technology with liquid crystals, provides a better interaction between the pigments and the keratin thus ensuring the tenacity of the colour. A formula rich in active cosmetic ingredients which both respect and protect the integrity of the hair.

Nutri Colour Creme – A comfortable instant colour cream (3 minutes) with a nourishing treatment that conditions, softens and wins back the natural shine of colour-treated hair, making it always like the first day. Concentrate of ionic pigments, conditioning and anti-static effect. Enriched with cosmetic agents, AHA fruits acids, without ammonia or peroxide: guarantees total respect for hair’s integrity. The Nutri Colour Creme also has a pleasant floral aroma.

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