Milkshake Hair Products

Milk_Shake hair products want you to make the most of your natural beauty, using a specialist range of natural ingredients, Milk_Shake hair products are kind to your hair and skin whilst giving you amazing hair care results – feed your hair with Milk_Shake hair products.

Treatments – Cleansing and conditioning for every hair type to ensure better internal structure, strength and resistance, body, hydration, brightness and softness. A line of innovative and effective products for the treatment of natural or dry and dehydrated hair, and for colour maintenance.

No Frizz – A specific complete line for the control of frizzy hair. 5 products to obtain soft and shiny hair with a few simple steps. From the Milk_Shake research, specific ingredients for considerable results. No Frizz products include date see oil extract, abyssinian oil, avocado oil, almond oil, rice bran oil, argan oil, special conditioning and hydrating agents and a mix of conditioning volatile silicones.

Life Styling – A line of products based on the concept of naturalness in the result. The innovative ingredients contained in the products allow delicate, conditioning styling with a natural effect. New technological discoveries store the shapes, define the styling effects and exalt the brightness of the hair. A new style for hair styling to exalt beauty in a low voice, with glamour, class and delicacy.

Curl Passion – A complete line dedicated to curly hair’s care, enhances the natural elasticity of curly hair, draws and defines which makes curls more separated, makes the hair silky and shiny, has an anti-frizz action, defines without making hair heavy, gives a natural look, creates and healthy and elastic curl and makes styling easier. 3 products to cleanse, hydrate and define curly hair giving it natural elasticity and softness.

Volume Solution – Milk_Shake Volume Solution gives tone and vitality to fine and limp hair, deeply nourishing and thickening the hair shaft, giving the hair major volume and luminosity.

Sun And More – A complete line of products for the protection and the hydration of hair and body, which offers protection during sun exposure, nourishment and softness. A treatment which protects and grants the right contribution of hydration, to have silky and shiny hair and a healthy and bright skin, even after a day out in the sun.

Creative Permanent Colour – A new generation of permanent colour is born, thanks to the technology at the service of beauty. The new NanoBioGenius technology, studied for a longer lasting, shine and conditioning, grants highly creative colouring, which allows unlimited combinations for endless results. NanoBioGenius technology provides deeply restructured, hydrated, shiny, soft and manageable hair and intense and brilliant long lasting colours. A conditioning and protective cosmetic base maintains hair integrity, conditions the external part of the hair and protects scalp and hair durng the colouring process. High quality pigments, hughly pure, stable, concentrated, predictable for excellent results.

Conditioning Semi_Permanent Colour – Delicate and treating colour without ammonia, it leaves hair shiny and rich in colour. It is ideal to brighten a natural base, to give intense tones, to hide the first grey hair, to make existing colouring uniform or to refresh it.

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