Insight has developed a line of colours and products that are completely vegan and ethically minded that use the very best organic ingredients to produce and maintain beautiful healthy hair.

This Italian brand has strong values with a personal mission to ensure that INSIGHT is ecologically sustainable, both environmentally and socially, and that its green formulas are to the highest professional quality, and available to all at accessible prices.

Insights products are nourishing, rich and protective. Its innovative, nonconventional formulations are enriched with organic natural oils that protect the hair heath and radiance though their vigorous selection of the raw materials.

Where possible INSIGHT has chosen to exclude SLS/SLES, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petrolatum, and synthetic colourants. Their key ingredient is ozonated water, is used to deliver the active ingredients and extracts of its formulas and guarantees rapid, safe, deep-down and completely ecological sanitation, making water microbiologically pure, and eliminating the need for traditional agents such as chlorine.

The entire INSIGHT hair line is VEGAN OK certified, including its INCOLOUR colouring line. INSIGHT do not test on animals. Their products are formulated without synthetic colourants with the exception of one product (Anti – Yellow Shampoo). All of INSIGHT’s fragrances are allergen free and all formulas are nickel tested <0.5 PPM, to guarantee safety in cases of hypersensitivity.