Antidot Pro

Prevents redness, itching, burning and any scalp discomforts while your color or chemical applications are processing.

AntidotPro is a revolutionary product like no other on the market! In most cases, AntidotPro will prevent any burning, itching, irritation or any discomfort while your color application is processing and can even prevent these effects up to 24 hours after coloration.

It works because of its 12 active natural ingredients (potassium, coconut oil powder, kumquat oil, macadamia oil powder, bamboo oil powder, borage oil powder, grape seed oil powder, avocado powder, grape fruit oil, babassu oil, coconut oil, shea butter) and their antihistamine properties which neutralizes histamines. A combination of just the right proportion of these ingredients can prevent all the discomfort.

AntidotPro doesn’t require any additional or complicated training, just add 1oz (30ml) for a total amount of products between 120 to 180 ml, mix and apply, that’s all!

Your clients presents itching, redness, or any kind of scalp discomfort during other type of services, such as bleaching, superlightners or rebonding type treatments? No problem, mix in AntidotPro to the total amount of products used, using the ratio calculation of 1/6 of your total mixed product.

AntidotPro provides flexibility for salons and colorists to work and try any color lines they wish, knowing it will not affect the comfort of their customers during color application.

Our Antidot Pro