There is a huge range of Hair Dryers available on the High St. Many boast phrases like “Salon professional” “Professional hair dryer” and “Salon style hair dryer”. But the truth of the matter is that you would never, ever see a professional hairdresser using a high street hair dryer! So why is that? What make Salon hair dryers so much better?

Well, lets start with the quality. High Street hair dryers tend to hover around the £25- £30 mark. At this price it is highly likely that the dryer has been made in China or the Far east using cheap mass produced components. The grade of the motor, casing design, fan design and heating element play a vital roll in how good a hair dryer can really be. So critical points to note are the power of the hair dryer (don’t get confused with the model number) and the airflow rate. The airflow rate is the rate at which the fan draws in air and passes it over the heating element with the heated exhaust gas coming out of the front to dry hair. So the faster and hotter the better???… well actually not so!

True Italian Salon hair dryers are carefully designed by technicians who are familiar with the needs and requirements of the busy stylist. This means they know that a very hot hair dryer with poor or uneven air flow will deliver frizzy dry hair. So the individual components are designed with efficiency and longevity in mind. Dryers incorporating innovative new lightweight motors, Ionic generators, Active oxygen, Tourmaline and Silver infused components now lead the way. This plus sleek designs which incorporate maximised airflow and minimum power usage mean that Salon hair dryers eclipse high st designs in every department