Course Testimonials

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Fab....Super friendly, helpful and informative. Tom is Awesome!

Michaela Simpson

Tom Chapman Classics 10/10/2016

Very Educational, Everything was broken down into detail.

Michaela Simpson

Keratin Complex 03/10/2016

The practical made it interesting to try what you had learnt.

Rebecca Carnell

Milkshake Blonde Ambition 08/08/2016

I felt nervous but was quickly made to feel comfortable. It was fun and instructive.

Samantha Ward

Joss & Harry Taking it to the Next Level 14/03/2016

Refreshed my memory...and learnt loads of great tips.

Nina Chadwick

Keune Colour Solver Plus 10/10/2016

Everyone was very helpful...wouldn't change a thing.

Jodie Tuttiett

Milkshake Hit me with your Best Blonde 20/06/2016

Excellent service...No improvements needed!

Yasmin Procopio

Milkshake Neutral 17/10/2016

Couldn't fault today, looking forward to booking another course.

Amy Walker

Shelly Pengilly here comes the bride 09/05/2016 supportive! Worth every penny!

Jo Martin

Shelly Pengilly Strut your Stuff

I enjoyed every minute...the best training day I've attended.

Charlotte Hutchins

Tom Chapman advanced fading 10/10/2016

Loved this course. Completely new side of hairdressing for me and I'm really excited to be able to offer this service for men within the salon. Cant wait to practice! Both lads were really helpful, would 100% recommend!

Jade Osbourne

Wahl The Shave 12/09/2016

Trish's love, support and not giving up on me worked. By the end of the day I was flying and very pleased. Perfect training.

Georgia Wall

Threading 04/10/2016