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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Maintaining Youthful Skin & Hair

As 2019 gets into full swing, we may have already given up on the tough New Year’s resolutions such as give up chocolate, cut out sugar, or run every day. However we’ve listed some great resolutions that will help you maintain your youthful skin and hair, without having to sacrifice any chocolate.

Wear Products Containing SPF

One of the most important beauty resolutions of 2019 should be to wear skincare and makeup products with Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Wearing a moisturiser with SPF will prevent your skin being damaged from harmful UV rays during the day. Even though it is not Summer in the UK, your skin is still exposed to UV rays, which over time will age your skin at a quicker rate than if the skin was protected.

Drink More Water

Not only is drinking water vital for normal functioning health but it helps to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh. Staying hydrated also improves brain function and the maintenance of energy throughout the day.

Take Time out for a Thorough Skin Routine

If you’re able to schedule in half an hour per day for a through skin routine, you will be one step closer to maintaining your youthful looks! Take your makeup off with a hydrating cleanser, hot water, and a soft flannel. After you’ve cleansed, tone your skin with a calming toner, then moisturise your face, neck and decollete with a rebalancing moisturiser. It is also important to moisturise before putting any makeup on in order to prevent cracked or patchy areas where the makeup doesn’t sit well.

Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Products

It is important to consider ways in which we can prevent contributing to environmental harm when looking after our skin and hair. Purchasing products with sustainable packaging as the Natulique Everyday Conditioner, is the first step to thinking about the environment and making responsible choices.

Take Care of Your Nutrition

Not eating the right foods can also lead to premature skin ageing and grey hairs! Spinach, eggs, garlic, tomatoes and pineapple are among some of the best foods you can eat to ensure your nutrition is up to scratch. A healthy diet combined with lots of water is the best thing we can do to improve the condition of our skin, whilst also contributing to our overall health.

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