Nanokeratin System

The revolutionary Nanokeratin System redefines the natural state of your hair and creates an enduring blowdry lasting up to 16 weeks. Nanokeratin System is the new generation of hair science. Based on nano-molecular cashemere keratin particles, the Nanokeratin System therapy rejuvenates and smoothes hair, resulting in health, silky, frizz-free hair and infinite natural style.

The Nanokeratin System treatment replenishes, smoothes and enhances the vitality and flexibility of your hair. It is a distinctive formula base on nano-molecular, cashemere keratin particles infused with amino acids and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils. Nanokeratin System serves to hydrate your hair and embed a protective shiels against toxic enviromental elements. Nanokeratin System has been designed to suit different hair types and colours and is especillay beneficial for damaged hair.

Nanokeratin System Hair Repair Shampoo - Maintains your hair's natural keratin layer and prevents protein loss from hair. Formulated for treated and untreated hair, Nanokeratin System Hair Repair Shampoo gently and effectively cleanses the scalp and hair, coating your hair with essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Sulfate-free, it hydrates and protects the hair.

Nanokeratin System Gold Mask - Has been formulated to provide a deep conditioning treatment and can be used equally on treated and untreated hair. It contains amino acids, cashmere keratin and antioxidants that detoxifies, revitalizes and detangles damaged and fragile hair. This special formula nourishes hair by penetrating from roots to end, leaving your hair smooth, silky and frizz-free.

Nanokeratin System Magic Touch Leave-In Conditioner - Provides optimum moisture, leaving hair flexible, easy to style and maintain. Nanokeratin System Leave In Conditioner serves as a shield to restore and protect Nanokeratin System treated hair - when activated by heat, the conditioner safeguards the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

Nanokeratin System Keratin Replenishing Serum - Replenishes and rejuvenates hair for a soft, supple and shiny result. It restores hair and provides a layer of protection against toxic enviromental elements, to create smooth and frizz-free hair.